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Wolin National Park

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The most beautiful fragment of the Polish Baltic Sea cost is located at Wolin Island in the northwest corner of Poland. Several kilometres long cliffs reach a height exceeding 90 metres. A short walk on the sea shore from Międzyzdroje towards east is enough to see that Wolin is a place where forces of nature clash. It is proven by fallen tree trunks, active landslides or rocks extracted from cliffs by storm waves. Every year, the sea takes almost a metre of the land.

The most valuable fragments of the cliffy coast are within the Wolin National Park. Another Park attraction are unique beech forest communities and Świna River delta together with several smaller islands. Approximately 1500 m from the centre of Międzyzdroje, there is a show bison corral, an ideal target for an evening walk.

White-tailed sea eagle is a symbol of the Park. In spring and autumn every year, the Park is a place of rest for migrating birds. In the forest you can encounter roe deer, deer, wild boars and even badgers. On the dunes, you can find a “Polish cactus” Sea holly, and in the forest, even few species of orchids.

History enthusiasts may be interested by a museum of secret German weapon V-3, located in Międzyzdroje-Zalesie. The museum is located in a former German bunker in the area of old military training grounds.

The easiest way to reach Wolin National Park is from Międzyzdroje situated by the western border of the Park or from Świnoujście located 10 km further in the direction of the German border.

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