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The Polish HighFliers - success stories of Polish professionals

Photo: Dagmara Domińczyk in Watch a series of short movies about Poles who are making success around the world.


 Photo: Dagmara Domińczyk in "The Count of Monte Cristo", dir. K. Reynolds, Touchstone Pictures, 2002, from:



The Polish High Fliers - young, gifted and inspired:


KBorek PolandGovPl, YPA MariuszaKatarzyna Borek is an outstanding pianist of the Polish young generation. She has performed since she was very young, receiving laudatory reviews from musical authorities as well as praise from international audiences. Katarzyna proved her artistry by receiving awards in many prestigious international piano competitions and by participating in numerous festivals. She has performed in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Croatia, Russia, the Ukraine, Romania, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Peru. For many years she was represented by the Paderewski in Memoriam Foundation in Warsaw. The artist likes to participate in projects that combine music with other branches of art. Her project "Chopin and Visualization" has won the Belgian "Young New Talents 2009" competition and has been performed many times in Poland, as well as abroad. In 2010 she was invited to participate in the Gala of the Stage Song Festival in Wrocław - in the musical play "...Revolutionary" directed by Agata Duda-Gracz. She was also a part of Sławek Jaskułke's "Chopin for Five Pianos" jazz project at the Expo in Shanghai. In 2010 she received the Prize of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage "Young Poland" for recording an album with the pieces of Ignacy Jan Paderewski (photo: Maciej Wilczynski, from:

Felberg pic, YPA MariuszaKarolina Agata Felberg (Literature) ‘écriture mélancolique'

A young successful and promising writer, a critic of literature and a historian of literature. Her doctoral studies in The Institute of Literary Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw are focused on the perspective of a long duration of modernism and of the postmodern creation and reflection. She studies, inquires and writes a literature melancholy. In 2009 Felberg published a book ‘Melancholia i ekstaza. Projekt totalny w twórczości Andrzeja Sosnowskiego'. Now, she is writing a PhD project about the Polish modernism poet Zbigniew Bieńkowski. Her essays, criticism, stories, narrations and reports from India were published in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza', ‘Odra', ‘Kresy', ‘Nowe Pismo', "Tekstulia', ‘Literacje', ‘Czas Kultury', ‘Pro Arte', ‘Ryms', ‘Dekada Literacka' (some of them were reprinted in a few books on literary criticism). Felberg has been a speaker about ‘écriture mélancolique' at various conferences (in Brussels, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław). In 2010 she made arrangements for the conference ‘Women and God' dedicated to young scientists in The Institute of Literary Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.                                 

Paradowski pic, YPA MariuszaDr Michał B. Paradowski

The PI in a groundbreaking international research project investigating the social dynamics of language spread. The results will deliver practical indications for effective social policy and advertising, inform analyses in other fields of social sciences and humanities, enhance knowledge-oriented information retrieval, and have practical import for the discipline of artificial intelligence. Dr Paradowski's research and academic work were supported by numerous prestigious grants and scholarships, he has been an invited speaker at several domestic and foreign conferences and seminars, he popularizes linguistics among secondary-school students, and also acts as a highly regarded language-teaching consultant for television.


 malachowski, YPA MariuszaJacek Małachowski, accordionist

A famous Polish accordionist with a great international repute. He received many prizes including the 1st prizes at international festivals of accordion music. Graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He has twice received a scholarship granted by the Polish Prime Minister and the J&S Pro Bono Poloniae Foundation.
He has also made numerous recordings for the Polish National Radio and Television, the German Radio Station MDR Figaro, and the Ukrainian Radio Station "Odessa".
He has given concerts in Poland and abroad, including Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria, and the Czech Republic. He played in Oratorium Orbor Vitae composed and conducted by Maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk.
At present, he works for the National Philharmonic in Warsaw and is actively involved in the Warsaw Accordion Quintet and the Warsaw Accordion Duo.  


Zdrodowski 2, YPA MariuszaAdam Zdrodowski, poet and translator

Ardently dedicated to his profession, Adam Zdrodowski writes poetry, translates American, British and Polish authors and teaches literature with undeniable skill and enviable brio. His poetry, acclaimed by the critics, has been translated into eight languages and the author has performed at numerous poetry festivals at home and abroad.



wolanin nowe, YPA MariuszaKamila Magdalena Wolanin, Ph.D., biologist

An outstanding young Polish scientist who may change the way people age! She works at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Laboratory of Molecular Bases of Aging in Warsaw. Already known and respected abroad as a high-profile Polish scientist of the younger generation. After graduating from Warsaw University (2004) with a M.Sc. degree in biotechnology (genetics) decided to work in the field of cancer biology. Completed with honors her Ph.D. studies in biology with specialization in cell biology and her thesis was awarded by the Polish Prime Minister for the best Ph.D. project in 2008. Proudly represents Poland by participating in international scholarships. Received numerous awards (e.g. Team Scientific Award of Division II Biological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science for a series of papers devoted to the molecular mechanisms of aging and cell death).


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