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Stork Village

Poland is a paradise for storks. There is even a joke that every fourth Pole is a stork. Even today, villagers believe that a stork nest on the roof brings luck, protects the house against fire and lightning, and ensures numerous offspring. As a symbol of liking and respect, people give stork males names such as Wojtek or Kajtek.

Among many lovely places where storks can be met from April to August, one place is special. Żywkowo is a small village situated half a kilometre from the Polish-Russian border, and is called the stork capital. Żywkowo is inhabited by approximately 120 white storks, almost four times exceeding the number of people living there, and each roof is crowned by couple of stork nests.

In the village, there is a local station of the Polish Society for Bird Protection. A big attraction is an observation tower, from which it is possible to observe and photograph storks, find out their world and customs.

Żywkowo, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Bartoszyce Powiat, near border crossing in Bezledy

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