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Maczuga Herkulesa (Cudgel of Hercules)

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In front of a castle in Pieskowa Skała in Prądnik Valley, in the area of Ojców National Park, there is a high rock in the shape of a cudgel. Wider at the top, narrower at the base, it is 25 meters high. A huge rock resembling a weapon of the mythical giant was created by the destructive activities of wind and frost.

On its top there is a small iron cross reminding of climbing the rock by Leon Witek from Katowice in 1933.

The Cudgel, stimulating imagination, is related to many legends. One of them is related to Pan Twardowski (a mythical Polish sorcerer) who ordered the devil to place the rock upside down. The devil completed the task, and Twardowski had to give him his soul.

Maczuga Herkulesa – Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Cracow Powiat, Ojców National Park, Pieskowa Skała

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