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Krosno, once called „little Cracow”, is a town situated in the south of the Podkarpackie Province on the outlet of the Lubatówka river to the Wisłok river.

Krosno still enchants with the beauty of its medieval churches and listed period tenement houses situated mainly in the Old Market Square area located on a hill. In the past, Krosno was not only an important centre of agricultural life but also a significant artistic centre of Malopolska. Owing to the wealthy townsmen and gentry’s foundation, during a few centuries some prominent artistic productions reflecting tastes and inhabitants’ financial possibilities were established.

The Market Square, which was gathering social, economic and administrative life in the past, is an image of townsmen’s and patriciate’s wealth. Multi-storey tenements with those characteristic stone arcades were established mainly in the 16th and 17th century. They were rebuilt and modernized several times but the unique character of the market square remained unchanged.

The Holy Trinity Parish Church, situated in the northern part of the old town, is the most important building in this medieval town. The church was erected in the 14th century, however, the constant willingness to make it more beautiful and extend it enriched this Gothic church with Mannerism and Baroque elements. Few steps from the church a belfry tower was erected. It houses one of the biggest bells in Poland, Urban Bell, measuring 490 cm in diameter.


Other places worth seeing in Krosno:

  • The church of the Franciscan Fathers
  • The church under the invocation of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
  • Przemyśl Bishop’s Palace
  • St. Wojciech Church
  • The Glass Plant
  • The Capuchin Church
  • Edifice of the former Credit Society
  • The Edifice of the District Council – nowadays Municipal Office
  • St. Joseph’s Orphanage – Congregation of the Józefitki nuns
  • Court of Justice Edifice
  • A house of John Szczepanik
  • A house of painter Stanislaw Bergman
  • Male Teaching College – nowadays Middle School No 1
  • Secondary School – nowadays N. Copernicus I Secondary School
  • The Edifice of the former “Sokół” (Falcon) Gymnastic Society – nowadays a cinema
  • A sculptor, Andrew Lenik’s Family House
  • “Zgoda” (Accord) Townspeople Society
  • Emaus Chapel
  • Convent of the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver
  • The Old Cemetery
  • The Jewish cemetery


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