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Julia Crystal Factory

Julia Crystal Factory

The Julia Crystal Glass Factory in Piechowice located in Lower Silesia reveals the world of crystal to its visitors. You will get to know its history, stages in its creation and methods of production. Take a closer look at hand-made manufacturing of crystal, which is not only a magical, but also highly laborious process.

The beginnings of the Julia Crystal Glass Factory date back to the middle of the 19th century, when Friedrich Wilhelm Heckert, the Kaiser's godson arrived in Piechowice (then Petersdorf) from Berlin. He built a factory which would decorate the glass supplied by the Josephine glassworks (1842) in Szklarska Poręba and specialise in the finishing of parts for chandeliers and producing crystal mirrors. After WW2 Silesia became part of Poland and Josephine glassworks was renamed Julia in 1958.

Today, as throughout its history, the glassworks is globally renowned for the finesse and design of its hand-painted crystal. Glass pressers and blowers together with artisans who polish, engrave, sculpt and paint the objects, create crystal masterpieces including goblets, vases, glasses, jugs, candleholders and devotional items.

Visitors to the glassworks will witness the methodical work of individuals whose rare craft belongs to the past and is quickly disappearing.

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