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"The Animated Guide to Polish Success", produced by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), source:

Poland's attractive economy

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Poland has not been affected by the economic downturn and has been rising in global economic and investment rankings. The same is true about its national brand, which for the second time in a row has been ranked 20th, an excellent result, in the prestigious Bank Finance 2013 survey, outranking Austria and Belgium and being placed far ahead of other Central and Eastern European countries ...more


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Poland’s location is beneficial for business. The country is located at the very centre of Europe. It borders on both the EU Member States, and the Eastern European countries.


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Poland’s most important natural resources are hardcoal and lignite, copper, zinc and lead ores, silver, sulphur, salt, rock salt, building stone, natural gas and oil.


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The Polish Parliament consists of two legislative bodies. The lower house is called Sejm, and Senate is the upper house. 460 elected deputies sit in Sejm, and 100 senators in the Senate. Candidates standing for Sejm must be citizens of Poland.

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Scholarship knows no boundaries: scholars forgot about them long ago. The best evidence of this comes the large numbers of foreign researchers working in Polish institutions of higher education, and their Polish counterparts who lecture abroad. The success of Polish academics today has its roots in the past. The  library catalogue of the Cathedral Chapter of Cracow dating back to 1110 shows that already in the early twelfth century Polish intellectuals had access to the European literature of that period - including  the Classics like Ovid, Terence, Statius and Sallust. Polish scholarship has brought many academic achievements and discoveries of global importance.

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